Makeup Lessons

Services and Rates

Private Lesson: I offer a private two (2) hour makeup lesson where I will show you how to do a full face from start to finish. This lesson is perfect for makeup novices, and for the folks who want to improve their makeup skills, or need feedback on how to use products they already own with recommendations on what to buy next. The lesson covers the following:

  • Prepping skin for makeup

  • Perfecting skin with foundation and concealer

  • Perfecting brows

  • Proper use of makeup brushes and sponges

  • Proper application of powder, bronzers/contour and blush

  • Bringing out your eyes using eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara

  • Proper application of lipliner and lipstick

  • False Lash application (available for one-on-one makeup lesson only)

  • Product and technique recommendations based on your specific skin type and facial features

FEE: $250

GROUP MAKEUP LESSON: You provide the snacks, and we bring the makeup!  Group lessons take approximately 3 hours. 

2 Person Makeup Lesson  is $200 per person.

3-5 Person Makeup Lesson is $150 per person

6 + Person Makeup Lesson is $125 per person.

*Travel fees may apply for locations further than 20 miles from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Typical group makeup lesson last 3 hours. 

 We will demonstrate the techniques on one side of your face and will have you then repeat the techniques on the other side of your face while giving you feedback. We can focus on a particular technique such as a smokey eye or winged liner. You are encouraged to bring in a picture of a particular makeup look that you want to achieve, but we will only do one complete look. We encourage you to bring your makeup bag and brushes to give you feedback on the products you already own.

Makeup lessons can be held at your home or at our private studio in West Philadelphia.